Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Case of the Missing Marquess by Nancy Springer

ISBN-10: 0399243046
Publisher: Philomel
Hardcover: 208 pages
Reading Level: 9-12
Genre: Mystery
Author Website:
First Line: I would very much like to know why my mother named me "Enola," which, backwards, spells alone.
One Word Review: Clever

On Enola Holmes' 14th birthday, her mother disappears without a trace, leaving her in the hands of her two older and absent brothers, Mycroft and Sherlock, who are intent on sending her to boarding school and turning her into a proper lady (corsets and all). Enola has other plans as she sets off to locate her mother and ends up following clues to solve the case of the missing marquess.

The Case of the Missing Marquess starts the Enola Holmes series off with a bang. Enola is a terrific heroine. She's smart, but underestimated by everyone (including herself). She's also daring, courageous, and self-reliant. Springer's use of coded ciphers allows the reader to participate in Enola's discoveries to some extent, and her depiction of 1880's London sets the tone nicely. Just the right amounts of history, mystery, suspense, and action come together to create a story children and adults will enjoy. I loved it. So much so in fact that because my library didn't carry the next two books in the series, I ended up ordering them on Amazon.

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