Thursday, June 19, 2008

Journey to the Blue Moon: In Which Time is Lost and Then Found Again by Rebecca Rupp

ISBN-10: 0763625442
Publisher: Candlewick
Hardcover: 272 pages
Reading Level: Ages 9-12
Genre: Fantasy
One Word Review: Surprising

When Alex misplaces his grandfather's antique pocket watch, odd things begin happening to him. He forgets to do things (like his homework), and nothing seems to matter to him any more. He soon discovers that lost things often end up on the moon, and when he encounters Moon Rats, he and his faithful dog, Zeke, travel back with the rats to find his lost watch and hopefully his lost time. From there, he meets up with unexpected travellers who've lost items of their own, and the adventure really begins. He must find his watch before the moon ceases to be blue or else be stuck for centuries.

I picked this book up at the local library, thinking that the cover was cute and the story sounded marginally entertaining. I wasn't really expecting much, so I was rather surprised at the depth of the story and the philosophical questions that kept popping up. The fact that these subjects are kept on the child's level of understanding is really what's remarkable. Things such as losing one's way in life and losing sense of purpose wouldn't ordinarily be topics I'd expect in children's books, but Rupp has made it work. And, in the process, she's created a story with very likable characters that is action-packed enough to keep kids and adults engaged.
In addition to several homeschooling books, Rebecca Rupp has also written The Dragon of Lonely Island, The Return of the Dragon, and The Waterstone.