Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Book Review: A Fatal Waltz by Tasha Alexander

A Fatal Waltz is an historical mystery that surrounds the life of Lady Emily Ashton. From the lovely ballrooms of her home of London to the more seedy areas of Vienna, the story follows Lady Ashton in her attempt to prove one man's innocence and save the life of another - the man she loves.

I found A Fatal Waltz to be charming as well as enthralling. I started the book with some reservations. Not having read many historical mysteries, I had expected it to be somewhat dry and not particularly easy to read. I was completely off the mark. From page one, I was hooked. Tasha Alexander's writing is fluid and immensely easy to read. The story is well paced, and her charcters are just as endearing as the novel itself. Lady Ashton is a perfect blend of wit and charm. The supporting cast of characters are equally well-written. I was perhaps not shocked by the ending, but it wasn't entirely predictible either.

I finished A Fatal Waltz in one day, and as I was reading, I found myself wondering why I hadn't read more historical fiction. I will certainly be adding Tasha Alexander to my list of to-read authors.


The printed page said...

I have her first book, "And Only to Deceive", in my Kindle TBR pile. Appears I'll be moving it up in line afer reading your review of "A Fatal Waltz". I've only started reading historical fiction in the last year or so and I'm totally hooked.

Lana said...

I really enjoy the Tasha Alexander series - they're just the right mix of historical, romance, and mystery for me. I'm glad to read that you're enjoying them as well!

I've linked to your review here.