Monday, May 12, 2008

Fablehaven by Brandon Mull

Fablehaven is a creative and fast paced story. The tale begins with two siblings, Kendra and Seth, who are unwillingly sent to spend 17 days with a grandmother and grandfather they barely know. They are clueless to the fact that their grandparents are actually caretakers of a refuge for all sorts of incredible and dangerous mystical creatures, including fairies, satyrs, naiads, and a particularly nasty witch. It's a thrilling adventure story as the kids struggle to save their family.
I found this book to be delightful. The plot is somewhat similar to Michael Buckley's Sisters Grimm series, but it's enjoyable in its own right. The world Brandon Mull has created is well thought out, and the characters are pretty well written - I particularly liked Seth. It has enough action to keep you interested, enough humor to keep it light (including a few moments that were laugh out loud funny), and an ending that, while it's perhaps a bit simplistic, is satisfying enough to have me thinking I'll look for book two on my next trip to the library.


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