Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Beginning

When I like something, I tend to like it to the extreme. Books are no exception. In fact, I'd say my love of all things literary is my greatest addiction. I have a compulsive desire to have books around at all times. There are books in every room of my house (with the exception of the bathroom, but I have to draw the line somewhere). I love libraries, and I frequent them as often as possible, but my real desire is to own these wonderful bound treasures. Hardback, paperback, first edition, thirtieth printing, mint condition, or dog-eared, I'm not choosy. I walk into a bookstore, and there's an instant physical reaction. A calmness I can't really explain comes over me. If you have the same affinity, you know what I'm talking about. It's overwhelming, but in such a delightful way. So, I've come to my point in a roundabout sort of way. If you continue reading my blog, you'll see that's not unusual. I love books. I read whenever I can, whatever I stumble across. I decded to create this blog as a means of providing reviews of the books that I've read for anyone who cares to read them, but also to keep track myself of what I've read, when I read it, and what I thought about it. I don't know if it's just me, but every so often I'll get about four chapters into a book, and it will start seeming oddly familiar. That's when I'll realize that I read the book two years ago (or even worse, two months ago). Of course, if it's particularly good, I might re-read it, but then if it was really all that good, I probably would have remembered that I read it already. Hence, the secondary reasoning behind the blog.
At any rate, I do hope you'll enjoy the reviews. Perhaps you'll come across a book that until now was unknown to you. And, please feel free to comment!